11 Self-Help tips to help with isolation

I hope you're all keeping well and staying safe.

As most of you know I have currently been deemed non-essential by the government and am unable to work at this time. Ive been home now for a few weeks and let me tell you.. I was definitely not made to do nothing.. So if you're like me and need to keep moving to stay sane then you might be finding times a little hard at the moment. But fear not! I have put together a list of things that I feel are important to maintaining good mental health during this pandemic.

1. Plan your day

Even though you may not be heading to work or school at the moment its important to keep a regular schedule. Have a set wakeup time, shower and change into something other than pyjamas, have a nutritional breakfast and get ready to smash some goals. Whilst you don't need to plan every minute of they day its important to still feel like you have something to do. Write down some goals you would like to achieve for the day, be it big or small and work your way through. These could be things like sorting out your wardrobe, taking the dog for a nice walk or cooking your family/housemates a nice dinner.

2. Stay active

Keeping active, even in small amounts will do wonders for your mental health. Take a walk around your neighbourhood, get some fresh air and exercise at the same time!!

There are also many free online workouts available including yoga and pilates.

Or, if you'd prefer a more customised workout there are quite a few people, including myself that have taken to teaching pilates or Personal training sessions via FaceTime!

On a personal note my dog is the fittest he's ever been haha

3. Eat well

When it comes to anxiety and depression eating a nutritious and well balanced diet are vital! Its easy to let your good habits slip when you're home all day.

Why not get creative with it? What a perfect time to try recipes that you've always wanted to try but haven't had the time or energy for.

Personally i always thought risotto was too easy to mess up and put it in the too hard basket, but last week i gave it a go! Basil pesto and marinated goats cheese risotto!! Definitely one of my new favourite dishes now.

4. Read a book/ Get creative

Reading a book, drawing, colouring and painting are all really amazing ways to let your anxious mind relax. You don't have to be amazing at any of these things to give them a go, grab some pencils or a great book and let your mind relax.

5. Practice mindfulness

I heard a quote the other day and it reminded me of the bigger picture

‘You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home’

Remind yourself that staying at home and following the governments rules is doing the right thing for everyone and that those around you, especially those in the higher threat categories are grateful that you are.

Looking at social distancing from a different and more positive perspective (although may seem hard at times) made a huge difference for me.

6. Take time to talk to your family and friends

You're probably not the only one feeling bored or frustrated. Make sure you talk to friends and family often. FaceTime is an amazing tool! Make sure you check in with friends or family that live alone or are elderly. They will appreciate a call or a text more than you know.

7. Use this time to learn a new skill…. or don't

Is there something you've always wanted to do/learn that you haven't had the time for?

A new skill or another language, have you been meaning to work on your gardening skills?

Remember you don't have to use this time to lose weight or start a new big project if you don't want to. It's ok to rest and recuperate, your mental health is most important.

8. Reach out for help

If you're feeling down or lonely speak to family members or friends or utilise websites such as headspace or beyond blue.

Remember there is always someone you can speak to even if its not face to face.

If you're struggling with anything please reach out, these are crazy times but they will pass. You are important and more people than you think really do care.

9. Have some fun

Self isolation doesn't have to be boring, dust off some old board games, be silly with your kids or pets, have a few cheeky beverages, sing in the shower, dance in the kitchen, enjoy the little things in life.

10. Digital detox

While its important to stay up to date with the latest public health announcements it can also be very daunting and make you feel anxious and uneasy when all you hear about is the doom and gloom of the current pandemic.

Perhaps allocate some time in the morning or afternoon to check the latest updates for the day.

11. Practice good hygiene

This was suppose to only be 10 points but I just want to add that you should also wash your hands when there is not a global pandemic happening.

I hope this has been helpful!

If you have any questions or concerns or just need somebody to chat to (we all know I'm good at that haha) I’m only an email away!!

Stay safe

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