5 Things i couldn't care less about when you come in for a massage

Let me firstly just say that my clinic room is a safe place and that nothing you say or do leaves the room. Im not there to judge or criticise you, I just want to help with your pain. You shouldn't feel embarrassed or anxious while on the massage table. 

So i made a list of the top 5 things I couldn't care less about when you come in for a treatment. 

1. You did not shave 

This one is mainly for the ladies and overly hairy men, I often hear apologies about how you forgot to shave, honestly, hair is the least of my worries. You forget that i also treat men, who don't shave, and can be rather hairy. I don't care if you haven't shaved in a week, month or a year. The only thing I think about when I treat someone with more than average body hair is that I may need to use a little more oil so I don't pull on the hair making it feel uncomfortable for you. The amount of hair itself really doesn't bother me, hygiene is important, forgetting to shave is not. 

2. You need to blow your nose 

Most treatments are an hour long, sometimes (depending on what you are having treated) you spend the whole hour facing down, with your head through a hole. 

Noses will run… theres no need to feel awkward about asking for a tissue, theres usually a box in the room for that reason. Wiping your nose - not gross. Letting it drip - gross.

Ask for a tissue. 

3. You feel uncomfortable taking certain pieces of clothes off 

UNDRESS TO YOUR LEVEL OF COMFORT… I can not stress this enough.

I usually will say down to undies if thats ok. I'm completely ok with you not wanting to take your bra off or if you have worn shorts over your undies to feel more comfortable. 

I can work around clothes, I’m here to help you and the last thing i want is you feeling uncomfortable.

4. Feeling uncomfortable about your body 

NO!! Don't do it, don't think I'm judging you.. I'm not. 

I see men and women of all different shapes, sizes and ages. I have been different shapes and sizes!!!!

I look at peoples bodies for a living and trust me I have seen THOUSANDS! Im not by any means judging yours. Everyone has curves or stretch marks or scars they aren't happy with but let me tell you a secret, none of it matters. Remember you're in a safe space, judgement free zone. Im there to fix your problem and make you feel better.

5. Asking for more or less pressure 

So many people don't speak up when the pressure isn't right for them. I will go on what i believe is the right pressure for the individual and yes this does vary, but.. I'm not a mind reader and sometimes what i think is the right pressure for you isn’t, this is why i always say at the start of a treatment to let me know if its too much or not enough. Yes this kind of massage hurts, it helps but it hurts. The pain should be tolerable though. Please please please speak up if the pressure is too much, I will not think you're a crybaby for saying so. 

So there you have it, 5 things that most people feel unnecessarily conscious about. Remember, the clinic room is a safe and judgement free zone. 

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