How often should I get a massage?

This is one of the most common questions i am asked and one of the hardest i find to answer, because the truth is everyone is so different.

Generally, for clients that don't have an overly stressful job, don't participate in much exercise and are in relatively good health or are on to ‘maintenance’ treatments i recommend to come in every 4-6weeks for a massage. 

This means that you can prevent or identify an issue before they occur so you don't have to deal with an injury. Think about getting your car serviced, you don't take it in when it breaks, you take it in regularly to prevent it from breaking. Its the same for your body, even though you feel great maintenance treatments are a great way to prevent your muscles from becoming tight and sore and therefore causing injury or pain. 

There are lots of factors that determine how often you should get massages done. 

I have put together some of the basic guidelines i use help determine an individuals treatment schedule.

How long have you had your pain/How tight you are already?

Tension can build up over weeks, months and years and usually takes more than one or two treatments to start feeling relief.


Injuries sometimes require a different approach and depending on how severe the injury is determines how close the treatments should be. For decent injuries weekly treatments are usually required then fortnightly until you are able to go onto maintenance treatments 

How your body responds 

Everyone responds differently to treatments, I can do the exact same treatment on two different people and have completely different outcomes. This is when it becomes important to have the right therapist and the right treatment method for you.

How often you are exercising?

Training high intensity for a marathon? Massage is a fantastic way to keep the muscles in great shape leading up to a competition.

Not exercising much? Chances are your muscles aren't really that strong or activating correctly meaning poor posture causing all kinds of aches and pain from other muscles ‘picking up the slack’ of the ones that aren't activating correctly. 

The kind of work you do 

Physical jobs, Desk jobs and High stress jobs all have a huge impact on our muscles, sitting in front of a computer all day causes lots of stress and tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Physical jobs such as trades or jobs where you are in weird positions i.e. mechanics or plumbers can cause a lot of strain on the body and usually lead to some kind of back pain from poor posture while working

The job you do makes recovering completely not always possible as there is usually a trigger for you pain such as sitting at a desk and since you cant avoid the trigger because lets face it you have to work, then maintenance treatments are essential to keep loosening the muscles that are tightening and causing you pain. 

Preventative activities

Generally the more preventative activities you do such as  yoga, pilates, stretching and foam rolling the more you can push out treatments and prolong the effects of your massage.  The more you do for yourself the less you need a therapist to help 

*Take note when your therapist gives you stretches and exercises 

It is important to remember that getting regular massages has progressive effect. Massages build on each other so if you leave it too long between treatments the muscles will start to go back to the way they were and we are back to square one. 

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